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Mixing several classic designs, the set also blends current players with retired favorites.

The 2013 Topps Archives Football base set is inspired by four Topps Football designs from the past: 1959, 1976, 19. Leading them are Fan Favorites Autographs, which bring signatures from some of the past's most popular players.

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Williams FFA-JW Ickey Woods FFA-JZ Jim Zorn FFA-KA Ken Anderson FFA-KM Kevin Mack FFA-KME Karl Mecklenburg FFA-LB Leroy Butler FFA-LJ Lionel James FFA-LL Louis Lipps FFA-MC Mark Clayton FFA-MD Mark Duper FFA-MG Mike Golic FFA-MH Merril Hoge FFA-MM Mercury Morris FFA-MQ Mike Quick FFA-MR Mike Rozier FFA-NL Neil Lomax FFA-RH Rodney Hampton FFA-RI Raghib "Rocket" Ismail FFA-SB Steve Bartkowski FFA-SJ Seth Joyner FFA-SM Stump Mitchell FFA-TR Tom Rathman FFA-VP Vince Papale FFA-VS Vai Sikahema FFA-VT Vinny Testaverde FFA-WA William Andrews FFA-WC Wayne Chrebet FFA-WFA Willie "Flipper" Anderson FFA-WG Willie Gault FFA-WP William "Refrigerator" Perry FFA-WW Wesley Walker M-AJ Alshon Jeffery M-AJJ A. Jenkins M-AL Andrew Luck M-AM Alfred Morris M-BO Brock Osweiler M-BQ Brian Quick M-BW Brandon Weeden M-DM Doug Martin M-DW David Wilson M-IP Isaiah Pead M-JB Justin Blackmon M-JG Josh Gordon M-KW Kendall Wright M-LJ La Michael James M-LM Lamar Miller M-MF Michael Floyd M-MS Mohamed Sanu M-RB Ryan Broyles M-RG Robert Griffin III M-RH Ronnie Hillman M-RR Rueben Randle M-RT Ryan Tannehill M-RTU Robert Turbin M-SH Stephen Hill M-TR Trent Richardson MA-AJ Alshon Jeffery MA-AJJ A. Jenkins MA-AL Andrew Luck MA-AM Alfred Morris MA-BO Brock Osweiler MA-BQ Brian Quick MA-BW Brandon Weeden MA-DM Doug Martin MA-DW David Wilson MA-IP Isaiah Pead MA-JB Justin Blackmon MA-JG Josh Gordon MA-KW Kendall Wright MA-LJ La Michael James MA-LM Lamar Miller MA-MF Michael Floyd MA-MS Mohamed Sanu MA-RB Ryan Broyles MA-RG Robert Griffin III MA-RH Ronnie Hillman MA-RR Rueben Randle MA-RT Ryan Tannehill MA-RTU Robert Turbin MA-SH Stephen Hill MA-TR Trent Richardson65TB-AJ Alshon Jeffery 65TB-AJJ A. Jenkins 65TB-AL Andrew Luck 65TB-AM Alfred Morris 65TB-BO Brock Osweiler 65TB-BQ Brian Quick 65TB-BW Brandon Weeden 65TB-DM Doug Martin 65TB-DW David Wilson 65TB-IP Isaiah Pead 65TB-JB Justin Blackmon 65TB-JG Josh Gordon 65TB-KW Kendall Wright 65TB-LJ La Michael James 65TB-LM Lamar Miller 65TB-MF Michael Floyd 65TB-RG Robert Griffin III 65TB-RT Ryan Tannehill 65TB-SH Stephen Hill 65TB-TR Trent Richardson 2013 Topps Archives Football brings the popular nostalgia-driven baseball brand to the gridiron.

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(NOTE: We Price These Autographs On Autograph Quality and Autograph Material) Number One Draft Pick Photo Signed Nicely in Blue Sharpie Pen Comes With A Serialized Certificate of Authenticity from 'Global Authentication' VERY Nice !

(NOTE: We Price These Autographs On Autograph Quality and Autograph Material) Action Photo Signed Nicely in Black Sharpie Pen Comes With A Serialized Certificate of Authenticity from 'Global Authentication' VERY Nice !

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