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Here are the experiences just waiting for you to step in.

Shop to it Summer is imminent — and even when London is dithering between sun and rain, Topshop’s new window display conjures a perpetually bright virtual version of the capital in VR.

offered up a “first-person narrative” experience with a male protagonist and three different girls.

Essentially, it was meant to simulate playing a dating sim game where the protagonist interacts with a “harem” of potential love interests.

' in Japan - will release on May 2 for Play Station Vita in both North America and Europe.

The game will be digital only and features Japanese voices.

London is teeming with technology, and you don’t need to venture to Shoreditch’s Silicon Roundabout to notice it.

The capital is playing host to new virtual reality experiences that can be found among the everyday, from the shops of Oxford Circus to Covent Garden’s bars.

Lastly, the arrogant and irritating Miyasaka Shinya is hiding a mischievous side—he loves to insult you, indicative of a dominant male.

Players will follow the exploits of the Go-Home Club, a tight-knit group of Kishimai High School students who've discovered that their lives are nothing more than a virtual charade.

They've come to realize that the world their living in is actually Mobius, a virtual reality construct created and ruled by an omnipotent virtual idol known as u (pronounced myoo).

He’s still annoying, but I found his segments the most engaging.

None of these characters were really like the suitors I’d normally choose in otome games (dating sim games aimed a women with a female protagonist) or any other dating sim, for that matter, but I can see how some viewers would be intrigued by the attention shown to them by this group of pretty boys.

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