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Mio comes with Lifetime Map Updates, so you never have to worry about new maps or road changes anymore.Simply connect Mio to your PC and install the Mio More desktop software to check when updates are available.They have given very poor responses and of course promises to fix the problem but they are very slow to say the least. It is the basic needs of users that need to be addressed.The people at Navman are still making excuses about the availability of suitable software for this product.I have a fast Internet connection and updates to my old 920 took just a few minutes with Tom Tom Home and Firefox under Win7. Today, for example, I had 3 updates totalling less than 1.5MB.The 920 would have finished in about 2-3 minutes, but the 825 told me it was going to take more than 1h 35m, and actually took about 25minutes. Why does it take so long, and why does it get the estimate so wrong? Hi lmemelman, I think dhn pointed to the main cause for this in his first reply. You can find further information in this FAQ [My Drive Connect troubleshooting tips].Instead of a simple store exchange it has to be mailed to Navman at the consumers expense. I just unpacked my Navman to find it doesn't support Apple products.Dick Smith store didn't mention this and it is certainly not on any Navman info in the store.

The enhanced Learn Me Pro™ monitors and learns your driving style, providing you with personalised routes that suit your preferences.

I mention i passing that maybe I should re-start my MAc only for the tech to ask "oh you have a Mac. What a ripp off - besides the point that that should have been the firts question asked by the techie. Navman products are very average & when it comes to after sales and warranty absolute rubbish.

Look to other brands eg garmin that are more reputable particularly for service & reliablity.

There are some conditions: the offer applies from April 1, and the web site says the unit must be purchased before July 31. Navman is also offering 24 months of free map updates for the EZY30 and EZY40 units, as well as the discount.

According to the web site, you must fill in a claim form online, which must be received before 5pm on August 31. We covered the Navman My75T last year, when Navman and Lonely Planet launched the built-in "Scenic Drives" feature, which includes pre-planned routes with information from Lonely Planet.

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