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The majority of small farmers lack access to farm machinery and, although some machinery service providers (MSPs) exist, their equipment is often old and outdated.Farmers compete for machinery at planting and harvest time, limiting their ability to realize full production potential.

The word translates to “Monday” in the native language because of the huge market that was held there each Monday. This is the nightclub to check out if you are a fan of less stuffy.

At that time, Islamic fundamentalists wanted to create an Islamic state.

Political instability led to a collapsing infrastructure, corruption, and extreme poverty. Tajikistan borders Afghanistan to the south, China to the east, Kyrgystan to the north, and Uzbekistan to the west and has a land area of 58,809 square miles (143,100 square kilometers). The Fergana Valley in the northern region is densely populated.

It is one of the more popular bars in Dushanbe for Americans to party and you can usually spot them because they are the ones wearing ball caps.

The Rudaski Prospect is one of the more popular areas to walk around in the city. The buildings are lit up in pastel colors and are quite a sight to see.

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