Signs of dating a jerk

But you’ll probably ignore him too.” I was so disgusted and furious that I immediately unfriended him, because I don’t need that kind of person in any aspect of my life.How many times have you seen a status like that one? Is he not answering your calls, or blowing you off more and more?

His criticism is general, extending to people, places, and things alike, and never-ending. He is rude to others PSA to all women: Any man who is rude to others, regardless of how he treats you, is a jerk.Is he always only giving you physical compliments or just wanting you to come over to spend the night at his place?If he is not actually working to learn about you, then it’s time to re-evaluate.That said, the jerk has a few tell-tales signs which are evident in much of his behavior. The jerk was never let in on this secret, it seems.Over the years of dealing with a variety of jerks, I’ve found that these signs are common to all, and are dead giveaways that you are dealing with a jerky guy: 1. Or he disagreed with the person who said it, and since he is always right, well, we’re back to where we started. He criticizes…often Relationships are about learning and growing but the jerk doesn’t realize that this is a gradual process and a two-way street.

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