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While many of the sample sizes were small, and some studies lacked a control group, researchers regard such studies as providing the best available knowledge about child adjustment, and do not view large, representative samples as essential.

We identified four studies concluding that children of gay or lesbian parents face added disadvantages.

The result was a family that endured added stress and often disruption or family breakup.

Some services have moved on, others have been created, and we’ve found some new discoveries, too.Includes biographies, primary sources, maps, timelines, images, descriptions of events, themes, organizations, places, and cultural developments in American history.American Indian Experience (ABC CLIO) On Campus | Off Campus Full-text digital resource exploring the histories and contemporary cultures of the indigenous peoples of the United States.Evaluating Studies that Conclude Gay Parenting Raises Risks: With regard to the four outlier studies, all share the same flaw.At most a handful of the children who were studied were actually raised by same-sex parents; the rest came from families in which opposite-sex parents raised their children for a period of time, but in which, often, one or more parent(s) subsequently came out as gay or lesbian and left the family or had a same-sex relationship.

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