Lauren froderman and dominic dating

Let’s get the bad news out of the way early because the cuts really sting this week.

Tucker, Nico, Jenna, and Makenzie find themselves in the bottom, and while it’s a predictable group, it’s also an incredibly talented one.

She's cute, but not beautiful, if you get my meaning.1. The expiration date on this week's rankings have already come and gone - while this week's performance and elimination shows sit on my DVR and the participants in the finale have already been decided, I failed to give you all my long-awaited take on events that have passed now 8 days into history, which is a bajillion internet years.

So instead of giving you my week six rankings (which will now forever be lost to the ether), let me just say: what the hell was Lauren Froderman doing in the bottom three last week?

It's pointly since the whole thing is based around the over rated minions.

Consider the following: The seasons of the two most talented dancers on the show, Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan, were both cut short by injuries.

Hip hop dancer Joshua Allen has been keeping busy by teaching dance.

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abdul, academy, adam, aguilera, allen, america, awards, ballet, ballroom, benji, boyfriend, broadway, campaign, cedar, choreographer, christina, classes, company, competitive, contemporary, contestants, I agree I think the screen writters messed up the plot for the series a little.

It seems they got board with the being good plot and attempted to turn the main character into a "villain" but even worse than he was before.

In 2010, he starred in a competitive dancing film called Contemporary dancer Sabra Johnson aspires to be on Broadway one day, but for now, her focus has been on teaching.

She did a brief stint in the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Company, which was actually featured on the show.

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