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Pleasant and found the public schools did not own a swimming pool. “I never thought about the towel guy,” I said, “but I hated swimming nude.” What? In fact, she was in such disbelief that she caused me to question myself. I chose these words: Lansing-schools-nude-swimming. There’s quite a bit of chatter on various websites confirming my recollection.

At Dwight Rich Junior High there was always a guy standing outside of the showers, handing us a hot towel.” Laura said yeah, she bets there was… Most kids showered with both hands covering themselves.” That former Lansing resident, who would have been in a Lansing junior high the exact same years I was, also described every gym and shop teacher having a paddle, and sometimes leaving marks, drawing blood or breaking the paddle on those being punished. Internet discussion confirms nude boy swimming was common and required across the Midwest and very prominent in Michigan.It seems a lot of boys have bad memories of this situation and nobody knows the answer as to why boys had to swim nude but girls did not.” Others recall being told that swimsuits shed fibers that can plug the swimming pools, which seems to be the most common reason remembered by those who asked. I quizzed the other guys of my age-range on our board to see if this was just a Lansing thing. Dan said he’d told his same story to his wife and daughters a few times, and none of them believed him, and still don’t. No one remembers why boys wearing swimming suits didn’t ruin other pools where they weren’t naked, or why the swimsuits the girls wore were less problematic. (WZZM) -- Michigan would strip state liquor licenses from bars offering fully-nude entertainment under a bill passed by the state Senate.The bill approved Wednesday is sponsored by Republican Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge and wouldn't affect liquor licenses for topless bars.

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