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"We have arrested three of the main culprits and expect to get the fourth one shortly," Mohammad Tariq, a senior Rampur police official, told AFP news agency.READ MORE: A dark trade - Rape videos for sale in India Police have analysed the footage and concluded there were four main attackers but they would be investigating the others who gathered to watch, Tariq added.

After offering flowers, incense and sandalwood at the agiary or atashbehram the community lays the table with several items beginning with the syllable "sh".

A picture of their prophet Zoroaster is prominently set.

Then it is time to celebrate with homemade delicacies including patra ni machhi or chicken farcha.

Uttar Pradesh's new leader Yogi Adiyanath, who came to power in March, sought to tackle the scourge through "anti-Romeo squads" - police units tasked with patrolling the streets ostensibly to protect women.

Anosh Irani has published three critically acclaimed novels: The Cripple and His Talismans, a national bestseller; The Song of Kahunsha, which was an international bestseller and was shortlisted for Canada Reads and the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize; and Dahanu Road, which was nominated for the Man Asian Literary Prize.

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