How intimidating is warped tour

I am getting married in April and I’ve put this off mostly because I find it very intimidating. We haven’t seen each other since the summer of 2013.She visited me in Ventura CA and we went to Warped Tour!

” Harry asks, pulling Louis’ hat on backwards over his shaggy curls, dimples popping out in his cheeks as he smiles.“Alright, yourself?” Harry finishes, spreading his arms wide in a grand flourish.“Seriously? ” Louis exclaims, raising both of his hands for a double high-five.What he doesn’t expect is an armful of boy, squeezing him tight and burying his face in Louis’ hair.“Oof,” Louis mutters as Harry pummels into him, closing his eyes as his chin hooks over Harry’s shoulder, Harry’s nose buried in his hair.“More than amazing,” Harry mutters into his hair. Louis finished a show roughly forty-five minutes ago and his hair is undoubtedly smelly and dirty from where it was stuffed under his snapback in the Texas sun.I’m overly excited to see her this weekend, it has been far too long since we were together. Remember to like and follow me on Facebook (thelifeofkimmy) and Twitter (@lifeofkimmay)!

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