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Legitimate Reasons and Methods for Workplace Video Surveillance For the most part, each state's own laws control the privacy issues surrounding cameras at work.As a general rule, however, an employer needs to have a legitimate business reason for conducting surveillance using cameras in workplace spaces.

No more searching the web for bits and pieces because you will find all the hidden spy cameras you will ever need right here at Oz Spy.Are you allowed to install hidden cameras anywhere on your property, or do you have to notify people that they are being recorded?It is important to understand the laws regarding hidden cameras.However, in a regular office setting, it may be wise for an employer to establish a policy and notify employees of the existence of cameras and the reasons behind the move.Furthermore, employers should be careful about conducting any recordings in the workplace because of the existence of state and federal wiretapping laws, which may apply in such circumstances regardless of how legitimate the reasons behind the video surveillance might be.

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