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On the feature side, actor Paul Walker’s tragic death last month has left the Fast & Furious franchise in an uncertain place.Production on the seventh film has been halted, however it sounds like Universal is almost ready to get things started again, as a new release date was announced for the film this week. But, wait — we’re not sure they’ve quite consummated that cohabitation yet.We predict a little competition in their future, though. Marcus: If you’re the last person to know, we truly apologize — but Chord Overstreet is gone.) The Lima Bean is decked out in Valentine’s Day décor and a distraught-looking Finn thanks Rachel for agreeing to meet with him.RELATED: ‘Glee’ Recap: Divas, Delusion, and Devastation Rachel launches into an explanation of why Brody is not there with her, but Finn quickly cuts her off, admitting the one thing that made millions of Gleeks gasp last week: “I kissed Miss Pillsbury.” A surprisingly cool and compassionate Rachel calms Finn down and says, “What you did, it wasn’t great.

Blaine Anderson: Didn't you just say something about us not turning against each other? It wasn't making the cool grill marks it used to after I tried to use it to dry my shoes, but when it comes to grilled cheese, I'm not that fancy. I mean, you sort of screw him in the leg department. Finn Hudson: I only joined the celibacy club to get into Quinn Fabray's pants. To four full months of no fighting or ever threats of us breaking up. Rachel Berry: I don't understand what any of this means... [out in the football field, where the football team win the game. Finn takes off his helmet, kneels and throws his hands graciously in air] Finn Hudson: THANK YOU, GRILLED CHEESUS! Noah ' Puck' Puckerman: Oh my God, he's coming out. But no twosome has irked fans quite the way Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) has. Sam has always been a very important source of comic relief on the sometimes overly dramatic Glee - especially in recent years - and with someone who experiences such extreme ups and downs as the temperamental Rachel, having a partner who doesn't take things so seriously might be a nice yin-yang. For all of Glee's totally memorable, completely lovable couples, the show has had its fair share of romantic missteps.

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