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Legal Separation - Either spouse, or both spouses jointly, can file a petition for a legal separation.

If neither party contests the petition or has filed for dissolution, the court will grant the legal separation.

To help women dealing with divorce, we've created this collection of Minnesota divorce tools, giving you easy access to divorce law references and services which can help with your separation or divorce.

You'll find skilled divorce attorneys and mediation services to assist you, a child support guidelines calculator, and other resources to help you understand how to get a divorce or separation.

The most common types of ADR process are Early Neutral Evaluation and Mediation.- is the right of a parent to take part in a child’s upbringing, including the child’s health care, education and religious training.

For example, the abatement rule applies even in cases where a layperson would think that the divorce is essentially complete. A more formal stipulation was in turn prepared by counsel for submission to a judge, but that document was never signed by both parties.

- Both parents have a duty to pay for the support of their children in Minnesota.

Minnesota courts must include a child support order for the minor children as a part of all dissolution, legal separation, or annulment decrees when minor children are involved.- Child support is now calculated by the gross income of both parties, but includes adjustments which take into consideration the amount of parenting time.

Each county has their own list of approved classes.

– It is now required by Minnesota courts that all parties to a divorce must attempt to settle the issues prior to having a court hearing.

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This means that if you are a resident of Minnesota, you file in Minnesota and are governed by Minnesota's divorce laws even if you were married, for example, in California.

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