Dating rituals in germany

Playing the game of seduction with a German man: Mission impossible?

It seems to me that dating a German guy is a complicated and long process as is memorizing the word "Geschlechtsverkehr", which basically means "sex".

It still is, though I have studied up to C1 level since then, but since our relationship was initially grounded in English, that’s still the default. Jane Elizabeth Dum “The English (and American) dating culture is much more formalized than in Germany, so when you’re dating in the UK, it’s much easier to know what you’re supposed to do.As in any relationship between two human beings love is beautiful but complicated.Until I moved to Germany, I was convinced that love has a common language, no matter which language(s) you speak.For me, learning the language wasn’t just about something I had to do. I needed a job and personally needed to no longer feel like an outsider looking in.Of course learning German wasn’t the easiest task I’ve ever accomplished.

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