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A couple of the standout moments from 2009 include… Winter Weather Advisory out for northern Kentucky tonight and early Friday Morning.

– The January Ice storm.– The Destructive February 11th winds– The Madison County May 8th Fatal Tornado– The severe flash flooding in southeastern Ky– The record setting cold and wet summer.– The Mid December Eastern Ky Snowstorm So, what are the headlines for the first days of 2010? Temps drop rapidly from northwest to southeast with rain showers to snow showers that can cause slick travel late tonight. Our flow Friday night into Saturday turns northwesterly with a nice fetch coming off Lake Michigan.

My Search History differs from the automatic caching feature in the Google Desktop application, which saves copies of web pages you’ve viewed on your personal computer.

My Search History doesn’t save web pages; rather, it saves your search behavior, and makes it easy to rediscover both your past queries and the search result pages you’ve viewed.

Given Google's giant market share -- nearly 84 per cent of the global search engine market -- this translates into just under 7 percent of the global market. 's homepage includes a section marked Trending Now, showcasing a snapshot of the top 10 most popular search terms at any given time.

Each search term is a link, which you can follow to Yahoo! For example, if the most frequently used search term was "Environment," this would appear in the number one slot; clicking the link would take you directly to a Yahoo!

Temps remain VERY cold through next week with low and mid 20s being as good as any day could possibly get.

This will ensure that any snow that falls will not be going anywhere! Signs are pointing to an arctic outbreak induced storm trying to form by the end of next week across the southern and eastern US.

Clicking one of the Trending Now topics takes you to Yahoo! The Trending Now section was previously called "Popular Searches" and fulfills the same function. searches the entire Web and filters your results by date, region or type of media, such as books, videos or images. is the second-most popular search engine worldwide.“We view this product as a complement to the desktop search,” said Marissa Mayer, Director of Consumer Web Products.Unlike personalization options from Yahoo and Ask Jeeves that are hidden away and have their own interface, Google’s My Search History integrates directly into the main Google search and result pages.The summation of human experience is being expanded at a prodigious rate, and the means we use for threading through the consequent maze to the momentarily important item is the same as was used in the days of square-rigged ships.A record, if it is to be useful to science, must be continuously extended, it must be stored, and above all it must be consulted. Man cannot hope fully to duplicate this mental process artificially, but he certainly ought to be able to learn from it.

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For example, Microsoft's MSN homepage highlights the top five results on Bing! Google offers Google Trends, which allows you to see popularity of a given search topic.

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