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Even as four of those men attempted to silence the female student by threatening legal action, press reports state that two of the men have stepped down from their leadership positions at the university.

Of late, there have been many media reports of sexually charged chants glorifying underage sex at some Canadian universities during frosh week.

He adds, "We are a small brand, we can't afford billboards so we wanted to make a viral video.

We watched a lot of videos to get inspiration and [finally] reached out to to students from NCA, Saad and Ikram, to help us.

We shot the film in Anarkali in Lahore, which is next to NCA."Though many may associate DYOT's video with a recent campaign launched by a local clothing brand under hashtag #Reclaim Public Spaces, the co-manager dismisses that relation entirely."We didn't do this to 'reclaim space,' and we don't claim to be making a stand for women's empowerment through this video.

However, one Facebook commentator highlighted that women face different struggles and should not be judged according to one scale or set of values.

But was the idea behind the flashmob to highlight empowerment and feminism?

In the film, Swara essays the role of an erotic singer who stands up against the powerful ones.

During the promotions of the film, Swara explained the difference between eroticism and porn.

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