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So in that spirit, this is my list of the nine best U.

“You’re very good.” You nod and go back to kneading dough. He skis in sweaters and those silly ’80s overalls, as if he can’t afford proper outerwear, but he has a trust fund. You can eat whatever you want and never gain weight because the fresh air and daily beach walks keep you trim beneath your loose but surprisingly attractive flannel shirt. Men in Boise call to ask for dates instead of texting. Wyoming When you date in Wyoming, you don’t date a city. You date one rancher and cowboy after another, two-stepping your way across the landscape like a wild horse that can’t be tamed. In Key West, you date a marine biologist who does research with dolphins during the day and likes to salsa at night. He looks like a young Bruce Willis, and you’re surprisingly attracted to his bald pate and thick glasses. Nothing more delicious than a good old-fashioned bake-off between two smart, handsome and progressive men vying for your heart.

You may be looking for love in all the wrong places — literally.

A new report says it's not you, it's where you live.

Surprisingly, the survey claims that the worst place to be single is bustling New York City, due to the lack of other singles and, we can only assume, the high cost of rents and pricey cocktails necessary to fuel all those dead-end Tinder dates.

Other cities that supposedly suck for singles are Miami, Houston, San Francisco, and Laredo, Texas, because, again, there aren’t as many singles around as you might think.

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